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About Aevum

Aevum donates 100% of net profits to perpetual clinical research through our sister company, Spectral Analytics Precision Tele-Monitoring
Aevum Lifestyle is innovation at its finest.
After 7 years in research and development, we have emerged with the most advanced nanogold formula, AUREGEN, which is far superior and more affordable than the competing brands.
What is AUREGEN and what does it do?
AUREGEN is a fine powder made of gold nanoparticles that have been functionalized with collagen peptides and chitosan due to their cell regenerative properties or D-Ribose because of its ability to regulate gene expression. This means AUREGEN addresses and fixes your skin and pain problems at the source.
So how does AUREGEN help with your skin and pain?
As you get older, your cells aren’t able to function as well and the buildup of cellular damage caused by free-radicals, bacterial inflammation, and environmental pollutants leads to impaired function of your cells, tissue, and body. All this ends up causing aging and disease.
We at Aevum Lifestyle decided to utilize the incredible benefits of AUREGEN in topical applications to give you a better chance and an effective remedy that would address your primary concerns for aging (either in skincare or pain management) at a deeper level.
To understand how AUREGEN functions and benefits your skin and body, imagine the gold nanoparticles as an armored transport vehicle that is loaded up with the beneficial molecules to cross the skin barrier. Because of gold’s ability to easily transport the necessary nutrients across barriers, it makes it possible to treat symptoms beyond the surface level.
And due to the antioxidant and antibacterial nature of gold nanoparticles, it’s the perfect ingredient for topical applications as it protects against the negative effects of free-radicals and bacterial inflammation, which are considered the primary sources of disease and aging. Ultimately, it helps the body become rebalanced and function properly.
How is our nanogold different than other gold products?
While competing brands may advertise as using colloidal gold technology or gold salts, they often use too low concentrations of colloidal gold (10 to 20 ppm) which creates a negative charge, rendering its benefits limited. And more often than not, products using gold salt are ineffective as antioxidants and can cause more harm to your body because of its toxic nature to living cells.
So why settle for products that are not only ineffective but are also exorbitantly priced? No matter what you’re suffering from, whether it’s due to skin or pain concerns, such as acne to even rheumatoid arthritis, Aevum is the obvious choice to provide safe, effective, and affordable relief.
Let us take care of you.
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